With a few thoughts in my pocket

I wandered over the hills and vales;

Wondering how to stitch them together

And in a pretty poetry interlace!

I tossed some of the thoughts in the air

And held them in my hands once again;

With the fragrance of the milieu

A beautiful aroma was embedded in them!

I weaved the thoughts one by one

On a needle, just like a wool soft;

Their beauty swelled manifold

And in happiness they rocked!

I dipped the thoughts in colourful dyes,

They became colourful and merry too;

In the magnificent canvas of life,

They like delighted birds cooed!

I made some syrup of gur and sugar

And submerged them in the liquid;

My thoughts became sugar-coated and sweet

They drooled in tranquillity and were placid!

And then, I played scrabble with them,

And placed them randomly on the board;

My thoughts now formed a lovely poetry,

And in ecstasy, over the skies soared!

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