Everyone thought that I am a breeze

Flowing gently over hills and vales,

Regaling all those who come my way,

Revitalizing those whose heart ails.

Air, that I am, I have various shapes

And the tender breeze was just one form;

When time summons me to rise,

My own strength I outperform.

Stronger and stronger I blow and blow

Stirring all those who come my way;

Affection does win me over anytime

But arrogance makes me harder sway.

The more the hostility, the more my outburst,

My anger then assumes the form of tempest;

Crushing everything that comes in my path,

Submerging the vast cities and the forests!

I am a woman

The way you perceive me, a reflection you shall see;

If you love and admire me, I shall be a gentle breeze,

If you downcast me, I shall rise like a phoenix!

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