Rishtey Mohabbat ke is a collection of sixteen short stories in Hindi based on relationships and love Different social issues based in India have been picked up in every story and each story seems to be occurring somewhere very near, be it is the issue of accepting a handicapped friend, the issue of a teacher learning sincerity in her work from a kid, the issue of dowry or a disgruntled youth. The issues that have been dealt with are based upon the socioeconomic conditions of the country, i.e. India and the turmoils which one faces. All the stories radiate positivity and work on the theme that love is the basic aspect which not only makes a person feel complete , but also bind families and society. Buy Now…

A woman is like a palette of colors. Just like the colors, she too displays a different tint and shade at different points of time. The colors you perceive are the ones you make her show. If you love her, she will adore you; if you give her wings she will soar but if you hurt her, she may take time but will one day bounce back in retaliation. Buy Now…

Everyone lives. But life becomes a pleasant journey if you come across something that is called love.Love is not only about romance. It is something more than that. The feeling of love and affection can arise from your child, from your parents, from your colleagues and from your friends. Only if life were easy! Life is the most complicated thing one ever comes across. Buy Now..

Pluck out the heart

Pluck Out The Heart is something beyond an anthology; It is a unique venture by five authors. Based on the horror/dark genre, this book stands out to be a variation in the approach to scary tales. Just as it will manage to run a long nail down your freezing spine, Pluck Out The Heart is manicured with an intention to tell newly thought stories to the readers, page by page. Buy Now..

SANDS OF TIME’ is a collection of twelve interesting stories which bring out the different moods and moments in the lives of women. Buy Now.. 

“A woman is a palette of hues and has various shades to her persona. She desires nothing, but love. If she feels loved, she shines, opens her wings and touches the sky; radiating the whole world. If she does not, she cribs for some time, may get angry too; but then finds her own horizons in the space provided. She does not stop anywhere. She is always adapting to the situations and then also modifying herself accordingly and learning to grow in the worst of situations.

Tales from Venus makes you aware of the various colors of a woman right from teens till she matures. There are tales that tickle your bones, tales that make you feel emotional, tales of courage, tales of treachery, tales that thrill you and tales that make you happy. Ultimately, you are bound to remain glued to the book because of the surprise element offered by each story.”  Buy Now