Embedded in the womb of time,

The foetus of an unborn child stretched its feet;

It kicked and growled and roared,

Tremendous energy existed in the frame petite!

It troubled the mom by playing mischief,

Now and then it would kick the womb’s wall;

As if that was not enough

It would move around violently like a football!

Pestered by the waywardness of the foetus,

The desolate mother would wail tears;

Perturbed by its tricks and guiles,

The pitiful mother would shiver with fears!

An illegitimate and unwanted child it was,

The mother knew not how to abort it;

Her nervousness kept multiplying every moment,

And her forlorn tummy grew bit by bit!

The foetus was nothing but the fear of the future

And though it didn’t exist, it hounded the body,

Let not anxiety and phobias torture your heart,

Live the present with happiness and glee!

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