I am so sorry-

I am very forgetful!

I forgot the hurt

That you gave me last summer-

It fell off like the leaves do

In the autumn season

And fresh leaves grew once again!

I forgot the way

You snubbed me last time

And called me names-

I erased them from my memory

Like the unwanted poems from diary!

I forgot the wounds

That you pierced on my soul,

I burnt my soul in the furnace of time

Till it shone like diamond

And was pristine once again!

Every time it burns in the heat of May,

The earth rejuvenates itself

With a petrichor in the month of June,

And I too keep invigorating my essence

Whenever you impair my existence!

I may have forgotten your actions,

But your karma shall remind you of it

Again and again and again-

Leaving everything to the karma of life

I keep forgetting things!

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