They say that gone are you

Gone forever!

They say that your body has with sand mixed

All the traces of your existence taking away!

I try to grasp the facts

But my heart to disagree continues!

When your body burnt

Something called you on the ground below fell!

Grown there are small shoots of plants-

Didn’t they see?

When your ashes were in the water dispersed

A part of you touched the shores

Sprouted there is life in the form of small plants-

Can no one see?

When a part of you with the river water mingled,

A few fishes drank you bringing new zest in them-

Didn’t they see?

When the remaining of you

With the sea mixed

You brought hope in the whole world!

To a few of us solely you belonged

Till a little while ago

But now you are omnipotent

Giving your zest and enthusiasm to the whole milieu!

You are boundless

You are unlimited

You are infinite

And traces of you here and there and everywhere

Make me feel that you are still alive

In different forms!

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