Mom, so secured was I in your womb;

My life inside you was a real miracle!

My tiny feet swam in glee; my little hands cuddled you merrily;

My toothless mouth would often giggle and cackle!

Mom, so happy was I in your womb;

But, one day, some quivering clatters I could hear –

I heard someone scream and roar, “I don’tt want daughters anymore!”

I sobbed as I listened to your helpless tears…

Mom, how could I smile in your womb

When I had understood that being a daughter was so bad?

My little eyes cried and heart yelled; something in me had already failed

Alas, I realized that I would soon be dead!

Mom, although I shall no longer dwell in your womb,

Your warmth and affection I shall surely miss….

To you, I shall not lie; I had not expected to die:

But fate had in store for me this deathly kiss!

Mom, so happy I am to have been a part of your womb,

Although the togetherness was destined as a short boon !

As death pounces and approaches near, I bid you a tearful adieu mom dear,

May a hundred sons be born to you soon!

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